Sell Us Your Vehicle

Towbin Dodge wants to buy your vehicle, even if you don’t purchase ours!

It’s so easy, here’s how:

Because of our high sales in New and Used cars, Towbin Dodge believes that we can offer you more money for your used vehicle than any other dealership or even private parties.

Towbin Dodge can save you time, money and the frustration of reconditioning and advertising your vehicle for sale. This saves you the hassle of dealing with the unknown, collecting the money, paying off a lien holder and title transfer paperwork. At Towbin Dodge, we do all the paperwork and hand you a check.

Call: Andy McDaniel or Tim Harris (702)-582-4099 to set an appointment for your appraisal items that you need to bring to Towbin Dodge.

1. Current Nevada Title

Bring your Nevada Title with you. The title must be presented at the time of sale.

If you paid off a previous loan on the vehicle but the Title still shows a lien holder you will need both the Title and Lien Release from the bank before Towbin Dodge can purchase your car.

Do you have an outstanding Loan?

If there is a lien on the car, Towbin Dodge will need to contact your Lien Holder during business hours to get a 15 day payoff. To get the payoff, Towbin Dodge needs:

  • Your Lien Holders name and contact information
  • The name or names on the account
  • The account holder’s account and social security number
Will all registered owners need to be at Towbin Dodge?

There will only need to be one registered owner present if the title shows only one registered owner or the word “or” is between the names of two registered owners.

If the word “and” or the symbol “/” is between the names of two registered owners, both must be present.

If a titleholder is deceased, you will have to transfer the Title into your name before Towbin Dodge purchase your car. This can be done through the DMV.

2. Valid and Current Nevada Registration

Towbin Dodge needs to see valid and current car registration as proof that you own the car.

3. Photo ID/ Owner’s Manual/ Keys

All Registered owners need to bring a valid state-issued photo ID to prove identity.

Please leave your owners manual in the glove compartment.

All keys needs to be with car at the time of sale, missing keys may adjust the offer.


  • In order for Towbin Dodge to purchase your car, you must have all the documents required by the law to transfer ownership to Towbin Dodge. Should you not possess these documents or if additional research is necessary to confirm your car’s history, Towbin Dodge reserves the right to cancel the offer, postpone the purchase until all requirements are met or revise the offer.
  • Towbin Dodge issues a company check when purchasing a car from a customer.
  • Any negative equity will need to be paid to Towbin Dodge in the form of a cashier’s check or cash. Or negative equity can be included in the amount you are financing to purchase another car from Towbin Dodge.
  • Your value is based on your car and on any equipment that is installed or that is part of the car. Please note removal of any items may adjust the offer.
  • The written offer for your vehicle will not change for 5 days or 100 miles. After 5 days or 100 miles, your vehicle will need to be reappraised and you offer may change. Our written offer assumes that the condition of the vehicle does not change. See you when you get here!!!