Manufacturer Buyback Vehicles

What is a manufacturer Buyback?

A manufacturer buyback is a vehicle that the factory (The Chrysler Corporation) has re-purchased back from the original customer who had an issue with the vehicle. But, once it was re-purchased back from them the issue has since been resolved by certified FCA technicians in our service department and now is able to be sold again as a used vehicle. Most times with still the factory warranty on it.

See the video and FAQ below to answer your all your inquiries about Manufacturer Buyback Vehicles.

Is a buyback vehicle a defective vehicle?

It is true that oftentimes a buyback vehicle is bought back due to previous issues, however, that’s not the only case. Vehicles are often repurchased as a gesture of goodwill to maintain a valued relationship with a loyal customer. In other instances, parts may not have been available in a timely manner to fix a minor problem and the customer may ask the manufacturer buy back the vehicle.

How do I know the vehicle is fixed?

When a repurchase is necessary, the manufacturer doesn’t want to risk its reputation by failing to address the problem responsible for the buyback. Take comfort knowing that any repurchased vehicle is thoroughly inspected to ensure that the original problem has been corrected and that the vehicle is in premium condition before it is back on the market.

Does the manufacturer of a buyback just want to get rid of the car?

Manufacturers value their reputation as a maker of vehicles people want own. That being said, the manufacturer is going to be sure that the repurchased vehicle meets all requirements for performance before it is back on the market to ensure their reputation is upheld.

Will a manufacturer buyback show up on my vehicles title?

Not every state is required to note on the vehicle’s title if it was once repurchased. It will vary from state to state.

Is it harder to resell a buyback vehicle?

It is not harder to resell a Buyback vehicle, however, when/if you do decide to sell or trade-in your repurchased vehicle, you will receive a discounted price just as you received the benefit of a discounted price when you purchased the vehicle.

Are buybacks safe?

Yes, manufacturer buybacks are safe. Since being bought back, the vehicle has been fixed (if needed) and inspected to make sure that it complies with all safety standards.