2023 Dodge Challenger

A Legacy Celebration

Born powerful and bred to lead the pack, this fierce five-seater leads from the front, with models like the Dodge Challenger SRT® Super Stock flaunting the highest horsepower of any production car at a whopping 807 horsepower. The Dodge Challenger SXT, the world’s first and only muscle coupe with available all-wheel drive, gives you control and versatility to match the power and performance.

It’s the end of an era. Production for the All-American Icon, the Challenger, is coming to an end, but the horsepower will live on the streets forever. Keeping to the attitude and reputation of the Dodge Brand, Dodge will offer remarkable packages and six special edition builds for the Dodge Challenger inspired by some of the greatest releases over the years.

Don’t miss Last Call. Be a part of the legacy and own a modern piece of muscle car history. Explore these exclusive models below.

Last Call Plaques Under the Hood

The aluminum 2023 Dodge Challenger Special Editions come with commemorative "Last Call" plate under the hood.The special edition Dodge Challenger builds will come with an aluminumLast Call’ plaque that showcases the vehicle’s silhouette, where it was built, and a stamp to pay tribute to the final year of this legendary muscle car. Pay homage to one of the greatest legacies Dodge Muscle has ever created with this unique feature.

The Return of Fan-Favorite Legacy Colors

Destroyer Gray, Plum Crazy, Sublime, and B5 Blue paint color options, are all making a return to the 2023 Dodge Challenger production line so you can relive the legacy. Check out these fan-favorite finishes below.

  • 2023 Dodge Challenger in Destroyer Gray for Last Call

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  • 2023 Dodge Challenger in Plum Crazy for Last Call

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  • 2023 Dodge Challenger in Sublime Green for Last Call

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  • 2023 Dodge Challenger in B5 Blue for Last Call

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Explore the Six Special Edition Dodge Challenger Models

The Demon 170 Special Edition for Last Call


2023 Dodge Challenger Special Edition Last Call Deon 170 model

SRT® Demon 170. 1,025 Horsepower. Zero BS. With next level engineering, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 features the first-ever 1,025 horsepower production HEMI® engine, making it the fastest vehicle ever produced in the brand’s 100-year history. Interior design is performance driven with minimal approach – cloth interior, carbon fiber accents and Alcantara Steering Wheel.

Holy $#!& Level of Performance:

  • 1,025 Total Horsepower at 6,500 RPM
  • 945 LB-FT of Torque at 4,200 RPM
  • Worlds Quickest 0-60 Production Car at 1.66 Seconds
  • Highest G-Force Acceleration of any Production Car at 2.004 Gs
  • History’s First-Ever Eight-Second Factory Muscle Car. 8.91-Seconds ET at 151.17 mph

High-Performance Upgrades:

  • Improved Supercharger: Modified 3.0-Liter Supercharger Increases Boost Pressure 40 Percent Over the Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody
  • Fueling Horsepower: Achieves Full Horsepower Output Through High Ethanol Fuel Blends:
  • Driveline Upgrades: All-New Driveline with 240mm Ring Gear, 53 Percent Stronger Differential Housing Using Aerospace-Grade Metals
  • Massive Drag Radials: 315/50R17 Mickey Thompson ET Street R Drag Radials — Never Offered Before on a Production Car
  • TransBrake 2.0: Patent-Pending TransBrake 2.0 Provides Torque-Shaping Capability and Easier Driver Interaction to Dial-In Pre-Set Torque Limits
  • Drag Mode Suspension: Uniquely Tuned Valves in Adaptive-Damping Shocks Provide Maximum Forward Momentum
  • Staggered Widebody Design: First-Ever Factory Production Car Built with Staggered Drag Radial Tires and Fender Flares


Data From dodge.com

The Black Ghost Special Edition for Last Call


2023 Dodge Challenger Last Call Special Edition Black Ghost

Modeled after its mighty ancestor from the 70s, the Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Special Edition is making a return to the lineup as an appearance package available on the SRT® Hellcat Redeye Widebody. This build adds 10 horsepower to the engine, giving it 807 ponies.


  • Pitch Black Exterior Paint
  • Black Gator Skin Vinyl Roof
  • Bright “DODGE” Hood Badge
  • White Deck Lid Stripe
  • “Challenger” Script Grille, Fender and Spoiler Badges
  • Midnight Metallic “SRT®” Grille Badge
  • Bright Fuel Fill Door
  • Six-Piston Brembo Brake System with Black Calipers
  • 3.09 Rear Axle Ratio
  • 20×11-Inch Satin Carbon Warp Speed Wheels


  • Black Ghost Special Edition IP Badge
  • Alcantara® / Laguna Leather-Trimmed Seats and Door Bolsters
  • Alcantara® Steering Wheel with Red LED “SRT®” Logo
  • Real Carbon Fiber Bezels and Dynamica Suede Headliner
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The Shakedown Special Edition


2023 Dodge Challenger Last Call Shakedown Special Edition Model in Black

As an original Dodge Product Design Office Concept, the Challenger Shakedown is being recreated for the 2023 model year. The Shakedown Special Edition features a matching exterior and interior finished with mean red and black styling and is available on the R/T Scat Pack and R/T Scat Pack Widebody models.


  • Red “392” Fender Graphics and “Shakedown” Spoiler Graphic
  • “Shakedown” Stripe with Red Accent
  • Black “Challenger” Grille Badge
  • R/T Grille Badge (Black/Red on R/T Scat Pack, Black on R/T Scat Pack Widebody)
  • 20×9.5-Inch Low Gloss Black Slingshot Wheels (R/T Scat Pack)
  • 20×11-Inch Carbon Black Warp Speed Wheels (R/T Scat Pack Widebody)
  • Six-Piston Brembo Brake System with Red Brake Calipers
  • Mopar® Black Hood Pin Kit


  • “Shakedown” IP Badge
  • Black Nappa Leather-Trimmed/Alcantara® Seats with Red Stitching
  • Red Interior Accent Stitching (IP, Console, Steering Wheel, Seats)
  • Demonic Red Seatbelts
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Swinger Special Edition>
2023 Dodge Challenger Last Call Swinger Special Edition

The Dodge Brand paved the path for American muscle in the 70s with its high-performance Swinger models. As an ode to these beasts, the Challenger R/T Scat Pack Widebody will have an available retro-themed Swinger Special Edition Appearance Package available for 2023.


  • Gold School “Challenger” Grille Badge
  • Gold School Painted SHAKER Hood Scoop
  • Gold School Scat Pack/Bee Rear Spoiler Badge
  • Retro Green Side Stripe
  • Swinger Exterior Vinyl Graphics
  • 20×11-Inch Gold School Wheels
  • Monochrome Bee Fender Badge
  • Gold School Wide R/T Grille Badge


  • Wood Grain Textured Aluminum Bezels
  • Swinger IP Badge
  • Nappa Leather-Trimmed/Alcantara® Seats with Green Stitching
  • Basil Green IP/Console/Door Interior Accent Stitching
  • White-Faced Gauges
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2023 Dodge Challenger 345 R/T Fender Badge Last Call Special Edition

“345“ is the cubic inch designator on the historic 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine. For the final production year, Dodge Challenger R/T will come standard with a bright “345“ badge to replace the original ‘HEMI’ fender badges as a salute to this legendary V8 engine. The available Blacktop® Package will include a black version of the “345“ badge. All Hail the Hemi® V8 Engine!

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2023 Dodge Challenger Blacktop Special Edition Last Call

Standard with blacked-out exterior badges and interior accents, the Blacktop® Special Edition Package delivers top-of-the-line performance upgrades to the SXT and GT RWD models, including a high-performance suspension and the Performance Handling Group.


  • 20×9-inch Low Gloss Granite Crystal Wheels
  • 245/45r20 BSW All-Season Performance Tires
  • Black Exhaust Tips
  • Black Fuel Filler Door
  • Black Grille with Bezel
  • Firestone Brand Tires
  • Fog Lamps
  • Gloss Black Instrument Cluster Trim Rings
  • Challenger Blacktop® Grille Badge
  • Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel
  • Black Rear Spoiler
  • Rhombi Two-Piece Wheel Center Caps
  • Satin Black Dodge Taillamp Badge


  • 20×8-Inch Black Noise Painted Wheels
  • Black AWD Rhombi Badge
  • Black Fuel Filler Door
  • Black Grille with Bezel
  • Fog Lamps
  • Gloss Black Instrument Cluster Trim Rings
  • Challenger Blacktop® Grille Badge
  • Leather-Wrapped Performance Steering Wheel
  • Black Rear Spoiler
  • Satin Black Dodge Taillamp Badge


  • 20×9-inch Low Gloss Granite Crystal Wheels
  • Black Fuel Filler Door
  • Black Grille with Bezel
  • Challenger Blacktop® Grille Badge
  • GT Black Grille Badge
  • Satin Black Dodge Taillamp Badge
  • Gloss Black Instrument Cluster Trim Rings
  • Black Rear Spoiler


  • 20×8-Inch Black Noise AWD Wheels
  • Black AWD Rhombi Badge
  • Black Fuel Filler Door
  • Black Grille with Bezel
  • Gloss Black Instrument Cluster Trim Rings
  • Challenger Blacktop® Grille Badge
  • GT Black Grille Badge
  • Black Rear Spoiler
  • Satin Black Dodge Taillamp Badge
Data From dodge.com


The 2023 Dodge Challenger offers five different engines ranging from extreme to unbelievable power, waiting to fuel your hunger for speed. Be the apex of the road with Dodge Challenger.


As the most menacing engine available in the Dodge lineup, the Supercharged 6.2L High-Output HEMI® V8 engine needs no introduction. This HEMI is available with 797 horsepower on the Hellcat Redeye models and 807 horsepower on the Challenger SRT® Super Stock and SRT Jailbreak—all standard with 707 pound-feet of torque. Whether it’s the track or the town, this engine will be sure to perform with pure speed and power.


Keeping with the theme of more power than you can imagine, the Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® V8 engine comes standard on the Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat models. Charged with 717 horsepower and 656 pound-feet of torque, anyone who dares to challenge you won’t stand a chance.


The almighty 392 HEMI® V8 engine brags with 485 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. It is standard on the Challenger R/T Scat Pack.


The 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine combines performance and efficiency for everyday driving with some extra thrill. Delivering up to 375 horsepower, this V8 includes fuel-saver MDS technology that allows the engine to switch from eight cylinders to four when you want to help increase your gas mileage. It is standard on the Challenger R/T.


The 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine boasts an impressive 303 horsepower, while flexing with its TorqueFlite® eight-speed automatic transmission. It is standard on SXT and GT models with RWD and available AWD.


Each model in the Challenger lineup features a unique badge declaring the power that is hidden under the hood. Special to all Last Call, the HEMI® fender badge will be replaced with a “345” badge to salute the 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine in the last production year of the Challenger.

Available on the 2023 Dodge Challenger R/T and R/T Scat Pack models is the head-spinning SHAKER Package. This adds the classic Mopar® SHAKER hood, cold air intake, an under-hood decal, a badge on the instrument panel and sleek white-faced gauges to your ride.

Featuring a satin black wrapped roof and deck lid and the infamous T/A body stripes, the available T/A Package on the 2023 Dodge Challenger revs its engine with aggressively good looks. This package is available with 20×9-inch low gloss granite wheels on the R/T and 20×9.5-inch gloss black drag wheels aluminum wheels on the R/T Scat Pack.

With some extra width on the fenders to cover 11-inch wide wheels, the 2023 Dodge Challenger Widebody models combine classic looks with modern speed for the ultimate blend of muscle.

Featuring 18×11-inch low gloss granite wheels, 315 drag radial tires and a daring stance, the Dodge Challenger SRT® Super Stock is a true display of iconic looks meeting with world-class performance.

Standard on the SRT® Hellcat, T/A and 1320 models, Illuminated Air-Catcher® headlamps use menacing looks to their advantage by improving airflow and performance.

Triple Threat

The 2023 Dodge Challenger utilizes three different sources to deliver oxygen to the engine for better performance. These include the fully functioning wheel liner air intake, dual-snorkel hood scoop, and Illuminated Air-Catcher® headlamps.

The available dual-snorkel, SHAKER and T/A hoods are the perfect example of how the Dodge Challenger uses its style for speed. Challenger SRT® models feature a functional dual-snorkel hood scoop that serves as one of three functional sources of fresh air that feed into the engine. The fully functioning SHAKER hood feeds air directly into the Mopar® cold air intake under the hood. Available on the R/T and R/T Scat Pack. The Challenger T/A and T/A 392 use their hoods for airflow to increase power by utilizing the Mopar® cold air intake under their satin-black hoods.

Improving performance by enhancing airflow is always a top priority for the Dodge Challenger, so breathe in and burn out.

A Tiger and Its Stripes

Challenger SRT® models offer an available satin black painted hood for a demonic look on the blacktop. Staying true to its roots, the Challenger SRT® models offer dual stripes available in five different colors that make the mean even meaner. Adding to its timeless muscle, the Challenger R/T Scat Pack features an available Scat Pack Stripe on the deck lid. For even more attitude, add the Blacktop® Package to Challenger SXT models to unlock the Blacktop Stripe, sure to make you stand out on the asphalt.

2023 Dodge Challenger Exterior Colors "Last Call"

2023 Dodge Challenger Interior

Don’t let the two doors fool you. The 2023 Dodge Challenger is equipped with Class-Exclusive seating for up to five and the most passenger room in its class. On top of its spacious interior, the Dodge Challenger also features Apple CarPlay® support, Android Auto™ compatibility and an available 8.4-inch Uconnect® touchscreen capable of Navigation.

Unlock your vehicle with the pull of a handle and start it with the push of a button without ever having to take the key out of your pocket with Keyless Enter ‘n Go™ and Push Button Start. The TorqueFlite® eight-speed automatic transmission is equipped with a fully electronic, modern shifter that still displays a classic look and feel, or you could switch between gears with ease without having to take your hands off the wheel thanks to the available steering wheel-mounted metal paddle shifters. Access engine statistics, available Navigation and more of your preferred vehicle highlights through the customizable 7-inch Driver information Digital Cluster Display with a simple and convenient layout.

Not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature. Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control ensures that you and your front passenger have access to your own preferred climate. The standard air filtration system for the HVAC in the 2023 Dodge Challenger helps to keep the cabin air clean for everyone on board making for a much more pleasant ride.

The Dodge Challenger interior was built to maximize your connection to the road. The available performance seats are designed to fit the contour of your body and help keep you locked in for whatever the road brings your way. Whether it’s rain, sleet, snow or shine, easily switch between the available heated and ventilated front seats to keep you comfortable during your ride.

We know blasting your favorite tracks adds to the complete driving experience. Set up the perfect playlist to compliment the mood on the best audio for your drive through the available Alpine® or Harman Kardon® Premium Audio Systems. Complete with a subwoofer and 506-watt amplifier, the available nine-speaker Alpine® Premium Audio System lets you tune into your anthem with top-of-the-line sound quality. Or, For the highest-quality sound in the 2023 Dodge Challenger, choose the available 19-speaker Harman Kardon® Premium Sound Group that boasts a mind-boggling 900-watt amplifier and not one but two subwoofers.

Boasting the most passenger room in its class, the 2023 Dodge Challenger ensures that no one on board will ever have to cram in like they do in other similar vehicles. et the whole crew together for your next trip in the Dodge Challenger, flexing with Class-Exclusive five-passenger seating. With Best-in-class cargo volume, no other muscle coupe can compete with the trunk space of the Dodge Challenger. Take everything you need along, too!

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